v2.0 for MAC is out!!

Finally, after 2 and a half months from the first beta Stockuploader 4 MAC is here! The new version for MAC features the same professional FTP library used on the PC version,...

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Huge donation, future for mac version and more!

First things firts: A big thanks goes to Fotoarabia, a microstock Agency that specializes in Middle Eastern and Arabic themed photography. They made a huge donation to...

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Stockuploader 2.1.2 released and reviewed! And +125.000 uploads!

Stockuploader 2.1.2 has been just released! I implemented the option to save separate logs on each upload process, and now at the end of the upload it tells you a short resumee...

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Stockuploader v2.1 released!

Hello folks! Today i’ve released version 2.1 of Stockuploader for PC. This version addresses some bugs that caused the upload to fail with a few agencies not supporting advanced...

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Just so quick and easy for uploading! Fantastic! So I get to spend more time taking photos! And it’s really nice to know that if I have any problems, Igor is always there ready to help!

Steve Heap

Steve Heap

I had been using FileZilla to upload to about 18 different sites – a real pain.
I found StockUploader and initially found it quite a bit slower than FileZilla, but Igor worked diligently with me to fix the initial issues and then made a major step forward in allowing multiple parallel uploads to my agencies.
I can now upload at the full speed of my internet connection regardless of the speed of the distant FTP server.
All I can say is – Great!


Jane Rix

Several years back, when I started uploading Stock, it was a bit of a hobby and I only joined a couple of sites – the uploading bit was part of the fun!
As my hobby grew into a business, I joined several new sites and branched out in vector illustrations and even a little bit of footage.
Realising I was wasting far too much creative time on uploading, I searched the internet for a solution – there were several possibilities but they all fell short of requirements – not Mac compatible, can’t handle vector files, etc. etc.
Then along came Stockuploader, which ticked every box and does exactly what the title suggests – it uploads Stock – all of it!
I can recommend Stockuploader to anyone who wishes to streamline the upload process to multiple sites. It is available for both Mac and PC, it is easy to set up and easy to use and, if you do have questions or problems, the Support Forum gives you all the backup you need.
Michal Bednarek

Michal Bednarek


Stock photography is a serious business for me and I demand professionalism at every step from planning to creating to keywording and uploading.
I’ve been looking for a perfect software to caption and upload my works for a long time. Thanks to Igor, the developer of Stockuploader, I got EXACTLY what
I wanted – a hassle free program that enables me to caption images, copy/paste image info, reorder keywords and upload batches to selected agencies.
On the forum you’ll find the support for program and you’ll get a first-hand help from Igor, if needed.
Enjoy using the best microstock software ! :)

Michal Bednarek – www.photocreo.com